First plein air painting of the year!

Today I travel up to Waynesville, NC to paint my first plein air painting of the year. It feels really good to get out of the studio! Here is the photo I took of the scene and the finished painting. ENJOY!


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Hard Working Group!

Last week I wrapped up another still life workshop in my studio. The workshop went very smoothly and I have to give it to my students they were a hard working group. Here are some images from the workshop.

Perry Bartsch & Nacny Lietz mixing color.                                          Barbara Hearn & Marti Saltzman hard at work.

Me painting a still life demo. (Photo courtesy of Marti Saltzman)

I can't wait to do it again!
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Motif Revisited.

Claude Monet was a master at the revisited scene (or Motif). He would do the exact same scene over and over with two exceptions, the lighting and the composition would be different. For example his haystack or Rouen Cathedral series.

 A small part of Monet's Haystack Series

A small part of Monet's Rouen Cathedral Series

Well I don't claim to have the genius that Monet had but, an artist can try. I've taken it upon myself to try the same scene again and again for this to show for it. 

Below is my Silver Lake series which is based on the harbor Silver Lake located on Ocracoke Island, North Carolina. The series started out with the painting in the center as a plein air piece done in the wee morning hours on the Island. The second of the series is the one on the far left. This painting is of the same boat house only it was completed in the studio of late day (sunset). The third of the series and the biggest was also a studio painting done of the boat house on Silver Lake only with a slightly different light and composition. 

"Silver Lake Afternoon"       18" x 24"                    "Early Morning Harbor"   SOLD    11" x 14"           "Sunset on Silver Lake"            30" x 40"
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Winter Shadows

Western North Carolina was pounded with yet another heavy snow storm this past week. I took advantage of this situation as my neighbors were snowed in to afraid to venture out. Just up the road from the house I pass this little farm almost everyday. For the longest time I wanted to paint it. I knew that with a fresh blanket of snow the scene would be really ideal.

As I was driving up the road at 8:30 am the sun was at a great angle and when I goth there I was not disappointed. 

To be honest I've been a wuss about painting in plein air this year in the cold. I decided to take some photos instead of freeze. When I got back to the house I quickly jumped into action and started playing around with the composition. I wanted to act quick so the idea of the place was still with me when I started the actual painting. As you can see from the original photo (below) I edited quite freely and hopefully well. 
I wanted to accentuate the barn (way off in the distance) because I liked its simple shape in combination with shapes of the shadows in the foreground. I made the barn much larger and manipulated it to be my focal point. 

Below is the Final Painting.
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Does Size Matter?

Last week I completed what is the biggest painting I've ever attempted. At this point I'm not sure how I'm going to transport this thing. The painting "Black Balsam Ascent" is a whopping 48" x 60" (unframed). 
This little image in this blog does not do this painting justice. You have to experience this painting first hand to grasp it's full epic glory. Which brings me back to my original question does size matter? YES!!!!!
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