Gone But Not Forgotten

I took my daughters to the Biltmore Estate yesterday for a little fun. As I was driving through the Estate I noticed a empty space where a (100 year plus) oak tree used to be.  I painted that tree two years ago when it showed it's wonderful fall colors. It is a shame when we lose such massive trees to storms but it will live on in this painting at least.

"Old Oak and Stone Bridge"                                                                  12"x16"

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A Quick Stop To See A Friend

On my way back from Easton to Asheville I stopped to see an artist friend in Goochland, Virgina. My Friend Andre Lucero   lives about 30 minutes out side of Richmond, VA. Before I arrived Andre told me on the phone that Goerge Innes had painted in Goochland. I was excited to see a place that inspired such a master painter as Innes. 

Andre and I set out, the next morning after I arrived, to paint some of his favorite countryside. We ended up at a friend of his 100 acre estate. Some of the oaks on the property had to be 250 years old. We tried our luck at a pond scene without much success. It had rained the night before and the air was so humid that morning that it was hard to lift your hand to paint. Discouraged by our brief failures we went and talked to the property owner awhile. 

As we were drive down the driveway on the way out a sunlit brook caught our eye. We quick got out of the car and whipped off just the top layers of our previous painting. This was kind of a new technique for me but with good results. The painting "Dappled Light Stream" was produced in about 20-30 minutes. It keeps it freshness because I didn't over work it.

Here is to good Friends!
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Plein Air Easton - 1st Class All The Way

The Plein Air Easton Event is a first class event all the way! As soon as I arrived in Easton, Maryland and meet my Gracious host family I knew that this event had been very well thought out. I stayed on the beautiful estate of Bill and Mary Griffin for the week. They couldn't have been more helpful, nice, and caring. 

I arrived on Sunday night the 19th after a 10 hour drive from asheville. The next day monday would be the first of four days that the artist got to paint for the competition. The painting "Oxford Morning" (below) was the first painting I painted that monday morning. After spending the rest of the day in Oxford I ended up with four paintings in all that day. Quite ambitious for the first day.

"Oxford Morning"           10x8          Sold at Collectors Preview Party

On day two I head down to Tilghman Island to paint the painting "Grey Day Crowe Brothers" (below). The Crowe Brother boats are two old and rusting work boats that seem like they shouldn't still be afloat. Heading a little further down the road to Dogwood Harbor I painted one of the famous Skipjacks that are docked there. Later that day exhausted from all the boat painting I changed subjects and painted "Passing Clouds Pastoral" (below). 

"Grey Day Crowe Brothers"                             16x20                           Sold at the Show

The show went on for all of Saturday and Sunday as well. 

To end up the week plein Air Easton sponsored a superb brunch for all to enjoy. WOW!!!!!!!

Thanks to all that sponsored the event, All the artists I met and cracked jokes with, My host Family Bill and Mary Griffin, and the wonderful attitude everyone in Easton has about the event.

I can't wait till next year!

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