Learning by watching

Often watching an artist paint can be the most educational experience another artist can have.†
On a recent trip to Charleston I had the honor of watching one of America's leading plein air†
painters work. I watched as Kevin Macpherson went from start to almost
finish on a painting of this man (below) named Ray.†

This is Kevin Macpherson starting with a pencil drawing on a untoned canvas.

Here are 4 different photos taken as Kevin painted.†
1- Establishing the darkest darks.
2- Blocking in some color.
3- Local color almost all blocked in.
4- Starting to get some detail in the painting.

Here is Kevin Macpherson's Fianl painting. NICE!

After watching the block in of Kevins painting I couldn't help myself and I painted†
a little 6x8 sketch of Ray. This painting below took me about 20-30 minutes.†

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