Multiple Still Life Painting Commission

These paintings are what transpired from three months of working with an interior designer on a multiple painting still life commission. The original goal of this project was to create five still life paintings to fill up a certain space in the
clients home. On closer inspection of the space the number of paintings was reduced to four, two 20"X16"s and two 16"X16"s. The paintings were to have one thing in common. The flowers were to be bold and of utmost importance in the composition.  I was given specific flowers I could use and they had to be showy. Working with several set ups with the first flower (The red poppies) the client and I decided that the dark, almost black, background was going to work the
best to show off the flowers. After completing the first painting it was clear that the background was going to have to be consistent in all the paintings. Working on the second painting of peonies, I wanted to vary the composition slightly. By placing the flowers on the table and not in the pitcher it gave it enough of a difference to keep things interesting. Form there I proceeded to number three the dahlias. where I incorporated the clients own object, this magnificent French pitcher. The last and most difficult were the tulips. Because they are less showy then the other flowers I had to get creative and group them so they appeared more showy.

This commission had its challenges, but in all the commission was a joy to work on and quite successful.

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