Still Life Demo

This is a painting that I completed back in 2008. I had it posted on my 
site at one time but, It got lost somehow. I wanted to post it again 
because it shows my process. 

Photo of Still life Set up

Tonal Block-In.

Starting with the darkest darks.

Establishing the color shapes. Working all over the canvas.

Here is the final Painting.
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Paint Wilmington 2009

I just got back from Paint Wilmington 2009. 

I was invited by the Walls Gallery to participate in the Paint Wilmington 2009 event this year. Considering the talent that was invited it was quite the honor. Even though we had heavy rain for most of the week I was pretty productive.

Here are two of my favorite paintings I finished when I was down there.

"Reflections of Wilmington"                              20" X 16"

"November Surf"                                                                    16" X 16"      
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