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Another Hunting Island Painting

Hello again!  Here is another painting from my trip to Hunting Island, SC.  I wanted to include this in the last post but, I guess I'm tired. This one, unlike the one before was done all in one session in plein air.  Besides touching up a couple spots and knocking off the multitude of dead bugs that where on it this painting was created Alla Prima.



1 Response to Another Hunting Island Painting

Joy Handelman
via richardoversmith.com41 months ago

Richard, I have seen a change in your work starting with paintings from last summer. Your brushwork seems more free and at the same time more precise (how can that be?) and the play of light across the canvas is -- I don't know how to say it without sounding silly -- livelier. There's so much more movement. Your work was so very beautiful before and this new thing just adds to it. I see it in that lovely still life (with the turquoise background) you have as the "cover" for one of your shows as well as the landscapes! Bravo!!!

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