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Last paintings from Cashiers

As promised I took a photo of a Gypsy horse for your pleasure. They are all so different. Some are almost all black and others have more white on them then this guy. I think a guy anyway.

Today is Friday the last day to paint for the competition. I took it easy today though and didn't paint. 

I completed my last two Cashier painting yesterday with what I think is a big BANG. Rich and I got word the night before at a cocktail party about what was the most spectacular view around. Well we weren't disappointed when we arrived at this residence. It's amazing to me that this spot wasn't declared a National Park. It truly was breath taking. I wish I took a better photo of it.
"Whiteside Mountain Through the Trees"            Sold              20 x 24

I choose to obscure part of Whiteside Mountain with the garden at the bottom and the pine trees to the left. 

The painting I did in the afternoon took me back to our host families property yet again. Again the night before at the cocktail party they showed us what they had in there garage. When I saw this 57 chevy pickup I couldn't get it out of my head.

"Robin's 57 Chevy"                             16 x 20

Tonight is the official opening of the event and I expect it will be quite the time.

More later. 



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rich nelson
via richardoversmith.com57 months ago

Richard; It was great being with you! Of course you're too modest to mention that you kicked butt; winning prizes and selling just about every painting. It is always so inspiring painting with you and just hanging out together. Hope Easton goes as well as Cashiers for you. Rich

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